Mamma Mia launched at Fortis Hospital, Vashi

‘Mamma Mia’, a comprehensive and distinctive bouquet of Fitness, Wellness and Information solutions for maternity and child care, was launched at Fortis Hospital, Vashi on December 10, 2015, Thursday.  An extremely successful initiative of Fortis Healthcare, Mamma Mia provides expecting and new moms with information, fitness and wellness solutions during that special time of their lives. A one-stop facility to comprehensively address the needs of expectant and new mothers, Mamma Mia goes beyond traditional medical care – it educates, prepares and empowers women to cope with the bodily changes and fitness challenges that accompany the beauty of the birthing process.

The inauguration of the Mamma Mia facility at Fortis Hospital, Vashi, was attended by  Shruti Saxena, COO Mamma Mia, Dr Nonika Goyal, Director North Fortis La Femme hospitals, Dr Geetika Gangwani, Business manager, Mamma Mia, Dr Vandana Gawdi, Gyneacologist and Obstetrician, Dr Ashok Gawdi, Paediatrician and Neonatalogist at Fortis Vashi, Dr Venkatesh Ponemone, Executive Director- Clinical Affairs, Totipotent, names of social influencers, and expecting and new mothers from the Navi Mumbai area. Mamma Mia provides holistic solutions for couple who are trying to conceive, pregnant and new moms. The centre is open from Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm and the sessions are held throughout the day.)

Ms Shruti Saxena , Chief Operating Officer, Mamma Mia, said, “Pregnancy is a special time in every woman’s life and it is important that an expecting mother gets the right advice on key aspects related to pregnancy. Mamma Mia promises to delight expecting and new moms with a space to call their own, provide knowledge to empower them to make their own informed motherhood choices and support services to strengthen and nurture their minds, bodies and souls”. Explaining the concept, Ms Saxena added, “Mamma Mia is a unique offering of medical facilities complemented by holistic services for pregnancy and baby care. Structured around the pillars of Information, Fitness and Wellness, Mamma Mia equips women with all the knowledge that they require, the fitness solutions they need to suit their changing bodies and relaxation therapy, to cope with their anxieties as young mothers. All of these are provided in a familiar, feminine setting, where they can share a similar experience with others in the same life stage.”

Dr Bipin Chevale, Facility Director, Fortis Hospital, Vashi, said, “Launch of Mamma Mia will be extremely beneficial for expecting and new moms in the area as they will now gain much needed support during their pre and post pregnancy period. With its 360 degree approach to motherhood, Mamma Mia will comprehensively address the needs of expectant mothers. We’ve already seen registrations happen from across the city, it is indeed very encouraging”.

Dr. Vandana Gawdi, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Fortis Hospital, Vashi, said, “Specialized maternity care is the need of the hour. While expecting mothers regularly visit their physicians for advice, support and assistance during their pregnancies, specialized providers such as Mamma Mia provide a helpful environment that is critical during pregnancies. Mamma Mia also caters to the needs of a new mom hand holding them through their journey of motherhood”.

At Mamma Mia, Internationally certified Child Birth Educators, Yoga and fitness teachers, Lamaze* instructors, Child Birth Professionals, Doulas** and Lactation Counselors form the specialized team of qualified birth professionals, support and assist expecting mothers. In addition, Holistic Fertility Practitioners provide support through massage, energy work and counsel couples undergoing IVF. In accordance with Fortis’s guiding principles, Mamma Mia strives to introduce innovative and distinctive services. It promotes Natural birthing, an increasingly recommended option, and has partnered with global evangelist, Barbara Harper, founder of Water Birth International. Barbara is certifying and training doctors, nurses and support staff members at Fortis, to provide assisted Water Birth solutions. Mamma Mia has a specialized postnatal fitness program ‘Back to being you’ to help new mothers get back in shape. With this first-in-country initiative, Fortis has bridged ranks with leading international healthcare providers, combining medical expertise with compassionate mother & child-care services. At the inauguration, Ms Shruti Saxena, Dr Vandana Gawdi, Dr Ashok Gawdi and Dr Bipin Chevale also took the media for a quick tour of the facility, explaining the functioning of specialized equipment and did a quick run-through of the Pregnancy Information class, followed by a pregnancy/postnatal fitness session. The session was concluded by taster of Reflexology for all the attendees.