Mother’s Day Stories: ‘Balancing between the job and the family, I always felt that she had no time for herself.’

Pallavi Chugh

Congratulations Mrs.Chugh, said another voice. It was my mother’s retirement party. All members of my family were at her school attending the retirement party.

Everybody in the room was praising and thanking her for 35 years of her selfless services to the school. 35 years!! – yes she had devoted 35 years of her life to teaching kids in a government run school. These kids did not belong to any particular class or creed. She had loved, and nurtured each of her students equally without any discrimination on the basis of their caste, social status, or religion. She had been a mother figure to them all.

As the farewell speech started, I could see tears flowing, silence spreading and colleagues realizing what they won’t have her with them from the next day. I never thought my mother would make such a difference to the school. She was the strength to her colleagues and someone they could rely on for any help needed.


When asked if she would like to continue working if given a chance, she said, it’s time to give some time to my family now. Balancing between the job and the family, I always felt that she had no time for herself. Now, when she was free from the responsibility and could easily spend some time with her own self, she wanted to devote it to her family again. I regret to accept the fact that spending time with my mother was never on my priority list. While I was busy climbing the ladder to education and profession, she yearned for spending time with me all the while.

Soon it was time to leave. As we left the hall and started walking towards the exit, students stood in rows with flowers and gifts in their hands bidding good bye to my mother. Thank you wishes poured in and the air was filled with mixed emotions. Tears rolled down my eyes too. I was proud to be her daughter there. That very moment made me decide that I will try and make a difference to lives of as many people as I can.