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Mamma Mia introduces Pregnancy Navigator Sessions for would-be mothers

On April 19, 2016, by Mamma Mia

Team Mamma Mia is happy to announce the launch of a new session called ‘Pregnancy Navigator’. The idea behind the session is to give pregnant mammas support through various stages of pregnancy, and even after child birth. Check the image below for details & contact us to schedule an appointment.  

Mamma Mia launched at Fortis Hospital, Vashi

On December 11, 2015, by Mamma Mia

‘Mamma Mia’, a comprehensive and distinctive bouquet of Fitness, Wellness and Information solutions for maternity and child care, was launched at Fortis Hospital, Vashi on December 10, 2015, Thursday.  An extremely successful initiative of Fortis Healthcare, Mamma Mia provides expecting and new moms with information, fitness and wellness solutions during that special time of their lives. A one-stop facility to comprehensively address the needs of… read more »

Watch Mamma’s Journey season finale now!

On October 15, 2015, by Mamma Mia

Becoming a mother is a momentous yet turbulent ride and for the last three months Mamma’s Journey has provided three mothers-to-be a platform to share their experiences with all of you. Swati, Navya and Aditi has reached out to you and have shared their joys, pains and concerns. It has given hope to those who are yet to embark on it, and sent the ones… read more »

Join Fortis Mamma Mia Birth Preparation Classes

On February 4, 2015, by Mamma Mia

A childbirth class is a great way to prepare for labor and birth. Mamma Mia’s birth preparation classes consists of lectures, discussions, and exercises, all led by trained childbirth instructors. The goal is to provide you with information to prepare for childbirth, help you make informed decisions, and minimize all your fears. You’ll also learn techniques to help you relax and cope with labor along… read more »

Ramona Braganza to hold exclusive sessions at Mamma Mia

On November 10, 2014, by Mamma Mia

Hollywood celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza, known for her unique 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone post-natal fitness program, will be conducting exclusive sessions at Mamma Mia, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon. Sign-up below to join us for the sessions on 14th, 15th, 16th November, 2014 . Stay tuned to the Fortis Mamma Mia Facebook page for details. For bookings, call us at 011 40579561 (GK 2) or 0124 4962260 (Gurgaon)…. read more »

A Pregnancy Survival Guide For Working Women

On July 5, 2013, by Mamma Mia

Pregnancy is with no doubt, THE most fantastic ride a woman will ever take. I have never felt more ‘one’ with anyone than I did when my babies were growing inside me. I have never felt more powerful. I have never felt more supreme; Goddess-like. However, pregnancy also comes with its fair share of emotional and physical stress. Keeping up with the daily changes in… read more »

Early Pregnancy Classes

On May 11, 2013, by Mamma Mia

Just found out that you’re pregnant? Congratulations! This amazing news also comes with its fair share of worry, concern and anxiety. There must be a myriad of questions crossing your mind. How do I prepare for motherhood and a new baby? What changes will it bring to my life and that of my partner’s? What are the dos and don’ts that I should be aware… read more »

Womb to the World

On May 7, 2013, by Mamma Mia

Birth is not the beginning. It is a continuation, another level of life, following the time in the womb. Your baby is as much a member of your family at one week old in the womb as he is at one week old following birth. Unborn babies have physical, emotional & spiritual needs. They need to be loved and nurtured, acknowledged and accepted. This is… read more »

Breastfeeding support group

On May 7, 2013, by Mamma Mia

From the time when we are pregnant, to when our babies are a few months (or even years old), our mind is preoccupied with breastfeeding concerns. Should I breastfeed? How much should I breastfeed? Is my baby getting enough? Then there is the issue of actually establishing breastfeeding – it is not as easy as we are lead to believe. We need to ensure the… read more »

Mamma Mia Brand Launch Event

On February 2, 2013, by Mamma Mia

January 30th, 2013 The Mamma of today is a confident woman, ready to face the world at its pace. This is the message they gave during the launch of Mamma Mia, a holistic maternity services centre set up by Fortis Healthcare for new moms and moms-to-be.     At the brand launch for the centre at Fortis Memorial Research Centre, Gurgaon, the mothers of today… read more »