Dr. Anita Sharma (PT)


Dr. Anita Sharma (PT) is a renowned Lactation Consultant and Physiotherapist, having in depth knowledge of biomechanics and physiology of the pelvis. Supporting women in labor as a BIRTH DOULA has helped her design preventive programs for women in areas of pelvic dysfunction and incontinence. She has the credit of setting up physiotherapy departments at various hospitals in South Delhi. Along with a dedicated team, she has worked to set up ‘AMAARA’, the first Human Milk Bank in Delhi. In her 30 years of experience, she has presented papers and case studies at both National and International forums, and has been covered extensively by national television, daily newspapers and magazines on issues relating to women’s health.


  • arrow-point-to-right 1984-1988 Safdarjung Hospital, Holy Family Hospital & Institute for PhysicallyHandicapped, Delhi University

    Internship & Clinical Postings

    arrow-point-to-right 1988 - 1990 Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences,Delhi University


    arrow-point-to-right 1990 – 1991 Cheltham General Hospital, United Kingdom

    Physical Therapist

    arrow-point-to-right 1991 – 2004 Spring Meadows, Helvetia Nursing Home, Sharma Nursing Home

    Consultant Physiotherapist for Women’s Health & Childbirth Educatio

    arrow-point-to-right 2004 – 2006 Cradle Hospital

    Head of Physiotherapy

    Cradle Hospital, a Centre for Women and Childbirth


    arrow-point-to-right 2006 - Persent Fortis La Femme

    Lactation Consultant, Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula & Physical Therapist Fortis La Femme, a Centre for Womenand Childbirt

    arrow-point-to-right 2016 – Persent AMAARA

    Co-founder & Lactation Consultant AMAARA is the first Human Milk Bank in Northern India


    • Certification Course in ‘Sports Physiotherapy’ at National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala (1988-1990)
    • Certification Course in ‘Sports Physiotherapy’ at LNCPE, Gwalior (1988-1990)
    • Certified as Lactation Counsellor BPNI, WHO, UNICEF (2012)
    • Certified as Lactation Consultant , IBCLC, International Board of Lactation Consultants, USA (2013)
    • Certified/Re-certified as Childbirth Educator at Lamaze International, USA (2013-2016)
    • Doula Certification in process (2016)
    • Member of ILCA, International Lactation Consultants Association, USA
    • Life member of BPNI, Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India
    • Member of Lamaze International Organisation, USA
    • State Registered Physiotherapist, UK
    • Life member of Indian Association of Physiotherapists
    • Bachelors (Institute for Physically Handicapped, Delhi University)

    • Working towards setting up more Human Milk banks
    • Working with mothers and surrogate/adopted babies to establish lactation
    • Providing support during labour to promote early initiation of breast feeding
    • Enhance knowledge and understanding in Kineosology and Physiology of the Pelvis to facilitate the role of Physiotherapist in Obstetrics, Urology and Gynaecology