All you wanted to know about diaper rash

By Dr Rohini Krishnamoorthy, Dermatologist, Fortis La Femme, Bangalore

Diaper rash is of the most common concern parents have. It typically happens when we neglect to change the diaper or nappy soon after it is wet or soiled. Prolonged contact of the skin with urine/stool can make the bottom of the baby appear red. Sometimes it can also happen if the nappies aren’t properly rinsed and there is some detergent remaining, leading to rashes on baby’s soft skin.


Here are a few tips to avoid diaper rash are:

- Try and change the diaper/nappy as soon as you see that it is wet. Clean the area with plain water and dry it. Ensure that the area is not too moist.

- Expose the skin to air as often as possible, especially for some time after the baby has passed urine/stool.

- Make sure you use soft detergent for baby linen and clothes. Also rinsing them thoroughly making sure that they are detergent free.

- Air drying the nappies preferably in sun also helps in preventing the rash.

- Sometimes baby’s skin is sensitive to a particular brand of diaper and/or wet wipes. Changing the brand sometimes helps improve the condition.

- Keep the use of toiletries and skin care products to bare minimum.

- Most often, the problem should resolve on its own. However, if the rash persists take the baby to the doctor. The doctor may have to treat it with an anti-fungal preparation.

- Thrush (fungal infection) is another common cause for diaper rash. Often seen in breastfed babies. The baby, mom and dad all of to take anti fungal treatment along with sterilizing all the things for the baby.

With a little care diaper rash can be easily avoided. Please do not hesitate to consult a doctor in case the rash is not going or reappearing too often.